Vinyl: ORT008: Teun Verbruggen - Trevor Dunn

‘Department of Entomology’

Trevor Dunn: Double bass
Teun Verbruggen: drums and electronics

All music free improvised
Artwork by Arpaïs Du Bois
Lay out: Peter Verbruggen
Recorded at AB studio’s by Staf Verbeeck 2008
Mixed by Werner Pensaert 2013
Mastered by Toon de Quant 2013

The album (RAT026) is released and on sale on the Rat records website

Track listing:
1: Notable Screens of Death
2: O. Orkin’s Insect Zoo
3: Spinning Jenny
4: Devil’s Darning Needles
5: Moss Mantid
6: Bug of the Week
7: Harvard Mark N
8: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
9: White Trash Nurses
10: Hymenoptera Spheciade



Department of Entomology inside recto

Department of Entomology inside verso